Saturday, November 17, 2012

Brownie 2.0

Brownie 2.0 is another experiment of another brownie recipe. This time the recipe didn't call for chilling overnight so probably this can be an adhoc recipe where you need it now and do it now. The main difference with this brownie and the earlier 1.0 is the usage of compound chocolate for this one instead. I've used melted compound chocolate in addition to cocoa powder to intensify the flavour. 

You would probably realise that the brownie batter isn't that glossy compared to the 1.0 one.

This is the baked brownie and it's definitely very gooey and chocolatey this time judging from its taste as well as the side view.

My comment - this is one of the best brownies I've ever eaten!! The intensification of the melted chocolate together with the dutch processed cocoa powder on top of the gooey middle in the brownie is absolutely the one for me :)

A sneak peek at the packaged brownies for our charity sale!!

Psst, Mr G said that these will go even faster than my chocolate chip cookie for the charity sale @@ GOSH!!! I was betting on my chocolate chip cookie to sell even faster but after my taste of the brownie, I was sold! Mr G is RIGHT!! There I was standing, staring at the container that I stored the brownies in before I packed them and literally zapping up any brownie crumb, wondering if I should just zoom in and bake a batch immediately. Soon soon soon, I will bake these ALL for myself :):)

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Alice said...

my kind of brownie - yum!