Monday, September 24, 2012


You would probably noticed that I've been 'away' for a while. Nope, I wasn't out of the country, just plain lazing and idling my time away. Kidding!! I have been letting the heat get to me, seriously 35 degrees celsius, who wouldn't?!

Recently, BFF and I have been talking about resolutions. Weird time to be talking about them right? Especially since the year is going to end in another few months. 

Honestly, I was thinking really hard about mine. Or did I just not bother to make them since I always know I will never be able to keep up with my resolutions? What are yours?

I think I did have a few:
  • finish my degree course
  • bake more
  • cook more
  • springclean and pack the house whenever I can (ridiculous as it may sound)
  • lose more weight
  • eat healthily
There might be a few more but if there were, I doubt I can even remember them. I used to like checklists where it says, done, to be done, work in progress but after a while, I get so sick of the routine. Cmon!! Live and let live. Yeah, that is also exactly how I just literally forgot all about my resolutions. 

Now thinking about the resolutions realistically, it should have been:
  • complete my degree course with honours
  • bake more better and learn more new techniques
  • cook more often and cook something different once every 2 weeks
  • springclean and pack the house whenever I can (ridiculous as it may sound) every 2 months
  • lose more weight and go to gym at least twice a week
  • eat healthily but can still indulge with something I like once in 2 weeks
With us entering into October soon, it is high time to continue keep it moving. For the next few months, many things are lined up ahead. I can't wait!
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