Saturday, August 11, 2012

Xmas last year

This time I remember clearly it was our mini gathering last December for our Christmas celebration together. LT, PL and me together with our hubs decided to potluck so we could try out each other's dishes. Yes, cooking and eating our dishes is no fun, tasting others would definitely be better ;)

my curry pork ribs (I'll give you the recipe shortly)

LT's sesame oil chicken
LT's dished out sesame oil chicken

PL's fried sotong with batter

PL's mushroom with veg

Well, it was a joyous dinner with all of us gathered together. As we all stay some distance apart and to add to that, work has always been hectic, so it was really nice to cook some dishes and hang out together :) Hope we will do that very soon again if possible though LT's heavily preggie now.

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