Saturday, August 18, 2012

Baking stash from BKK

Not too long ago, I bought some stash from Bangkok. For the joy of me, I realised that there's so many Hello Kitty molds in their supermarkets. Yes call me ahjumma, call me auntie or call me obasan. Each time I go somewhere, I just love to hang out at supermarkets to see if there's any difference from those in Singapore. Oh well, even the difference in prices get me excited.

Yes there were so much cheaper in Bangkok. DUH!

6 cup muffin mold

dessert mold


I believe many of you have already been using silicone baking ware or cookware. I'm still stuck in those days where no silicone stuff were used and I'm slowly getting adjusted to using silicone.

Let's see when I can do something with these babies of mine.

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