Sunday, September 5, 2010

wkend almost over....

it's almost the end of the wkend once again...

I've been busy during the wkend....busy honing my skills....sounds like some martial arts drilling huh? hahhaha.....well, like they say, practice makes perfect. There's so many kinds of cakes, desserts in this world, some of which I love so much like chocolate cake, etc etc. I guess, let's see what happens. Afterall, each time you go for a baking class, mixer and oven is just different from your own. In short, you need to discover your own mixer and oven until both you and it become as one. Same analogy as the fighter and the sword as one entity hmm...not sure if this is a good analogy now.

Yesterday, I managed to bake some chocolate fudge cake (which didn't quite turn out the way I wanted it to be) and chocolate swiss roll with tasty chocolate cream in between. It's simply delectable!!! Didn't manage to take pics this time round but will take some when I make chocolate swiss roll again. Hmmm, it does give some thoughts for a gd base for xmas swiss roll :) yums....

Today, I felt like baking more so decided to bake pandan chiffon cake!! the whiff of pandan fragrance in the air is absolutely breathtaking!!

ok, excuse the looks of does taste cottony though :) and what about dinner? can't possibly eat cake for dinner rite? well, at least not for Mr G.

here's fried rice for dinner. Simple fare for 2 people.

check out the bits of fried egg in the rice? I was pretty curious as to how people fry 'dan chao fan' with the tiny bits of egg in it without letting the rice turn all soggy. Did some research and realised that there are 2 methods to frying that - one of that is to fry the ingredients with egg and let it settle a bit before scrambling the egg while the other is to dig a 'well' in the rice and pour in the egg and allow it to settle before scrambling it. Really interesting...well, I did the latter and you can see the bits of fried egg.
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